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slavetorevenge's Journal

Haruna Sakura
28 March
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Sakura was born of an affair between a rich man and a slave woman into a life of slavery. Despite the dismal situation, Sakura lived a relatively happy life. She had many friends and a loving mother. She was extremely bright and cheerful for being a slave child. However, years into Sakura's life, her father's wife found out about the affair. Sakura's mother was immediately murdered, and Sakura was sold to someone far from there.

Despite Sakura being a hard worker, no one wanted to keep a bastard child for very long. It came to the point where she was moved too frequently to get to know anyone, and those she did know hated her for her unfortunate birth (slave and noble alike). Certainly no woman wanted her around, what is she held the same seductive power as her mother? She was, after all, oddly intriguing to the opposite sex for a slave. Who else would buy her except disgusting men?

Sakura grew to hate her life with a passion. She has plotted many murders for her masters, but has never gotten the chance to go through with them (not for lack of trying). She swears she will take what ever steps necessary to avenge her mothers death and bring herself freedom. She longs to see the aristocracy of Rome fall, and she will help in that goal if she is ever given the chance.
Sakura is very strong and determined. Through years of slavery she has become rather bitter and callous. She yearns for the day when the aristocracy falls, and will do anything she can, despite not even being considered a person, to help bring that goal to fruition.

She knows she used to be very loving to those she cared for, but as it has been years since she has been close to anyone, she's not sure she still has that ability left in her. She hopes she does, but until she meets someone worth her love, she won't know.
Name: Sakura Haruno
Age: 23
Social Class: Slave
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 78 lbs
Bloodtype: O
Likes: Being on her own... that's about it.
Dislikes: People, especially slave owners; liars; the social class system of Rome; the slave market; being a slave; sex; doing chores; authority figures
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Cotton candy pink
Personality: Brave, rude, rash, secretive, cruel, hateful. She's actually very emotionally scarred.
Talents/abilities: perseverance
Love Interest: None
Master: Gaara

Kidnap? You can try.
Noncon? Of course, she is a slave after all.
Angst? Of yes
Attack? You can try, but she's a spit fire.
Kill? No killing Sakura please. Though she has tried to kill her fair amount of people.
Het, yaoi, yuri? All please! Though... Sakura isn't really in the emotional or mental state to be in a relationship right now.
Rating? She's PG-13 at the lowest. She has a bit of a potty mouth on her. I've tried avoiding it, but it just doesn't work.

Any other notes? Sakura isn't very friendly or polite, so beware of that if you log with her.

AIM: DarkGoddess700
MSN: googoodolls@charter.net
email: sirenqueen@charter.net
Played by: kanoi_trace

Model: Audrey Kitching

Dislaimer: Original character property Masashi Kishimoto, played for mythos_arcana.
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